NCIC Deposits

If you received a missed call from 800-943-2189, then this means an inmate or detainee was attempting to call you from a detention facility served by NCIC Inmate Communications. Make a NCIC deposit to receive calls.

Select a State to Make a Deposit

Receiving a call from a Correctional Facility

To receive calls from the correctional facility you must use a touch-tone telephone. Upon answering a call from the correctional facility you will hear an automated operator voice. Listen carefully to the operator’s instructions.

You will have the option to:

  • Press 1 to accept the call
  • Hang up to deny the call
  • To block any future calls from this correctional facility press 3
  • For customer service or to Fund an account by phone call 1-800-943-2189.

If you press 1 to accept the call you will be prompted to set-up a Prepaid Destination Account .

NCIC Inmate Phone Accounts

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With NCIC, setting up a Prepaid Collect Account is easy!  A live operator will assist you.  You need one of the following forms of payment:

  • Valid Credit Card:    Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discovery
  • Valid Debit Card:   Bank Issued Debit Cards.
  • Western Union – Send To: NCIC Inmate Phone Services  
Benefits to setting up a Prepaid Collect Account:
  • One bill
  • Calls will connect to cell phones
  • Account can be used for more than one detainee
  • Inmate Voice mail (allows you to leave messages for detainee)
  • You have access to fund your account through our automated system or with a live customer service agent 24/7
  • You may add up to 10 additional phone numbers to your account at no additional cost (cell #’s, friends, family and work)



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